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At Snoopy's, we pride ourselves in providing you with the best service and care possible. Our intention is not to replace you, but to make missing you a little bit easier for your kitties.  We pride ourselves in dependability and cleanliness and hope that you will always find your home exactly how you left it.  


We appreciate how hard it is to let a stranger into your home and into your cats' life! It is our hope that we will be worthy of your trust.

Nicolas Meyer and his wife, Severine, are originally from France, where they lived until recently with their two kids,, Mathilde and Edgard, their Burmese cat, Brenda, and their bullerrier, Elvis.  They are ardent animal lovers and even turned Vegan for the love of them.


Nicolas and Severine have been trained by veterinarians to provide medications and are certified in pet first aid.  They worked as volunteers at rescue shelters and as pet sitters for six years.


For seven long years, they dreamed of moving to California, and with Snoopy's, they are able to make their dream come true and also work with animals full time.


Severine is running Snoopy's Cat Sitting and providing the sits for your felines, while Nicolas is planning on establishing a new branch of Snoopys, which will concentrate on providing high energy excursions for large-breed dogs.



Tim Walker, Cat Sitter 

Tim grew up in the suburbs of New York City and attended graduate school at UCSB. After a 20-year career in computer programming and healthcare data analysis, he started his own internet-based business, selling used books   Tm lives in Santa Barbara with his wife, his son and his big gray cat, Basil.  He is is a long-time volunteer at the ASAP Cat Rescue.


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We are all experienced in pilling your cat, giving drops, and salves, and providing subcutaneous shots and fluids.  We ask that you demonstrate how you give your cats their medications, so that we don't change their routine!